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Elgin Juniors Women Club                                                                       
Community Crisis Center Volunteer                                                       
City Elgin Civil Service Committee                                                
Second Baptist Member                                                                        
Elgin Pride Parade 
Second Baptist Long Range Planning Committee
Realtor Association of Fox Valley
Progressive Kane County
Community Credit Counseling Services
Realtor Association of Fox Valley Governmental Affairs 
Realtor Managing Broker
Substitute Teacher     
Judson University Alumni                                                                        
Friends of Judson University                                                              
City of Elgin 4th of July Parade Committee      
Boys and Girls Club Co-Chair Duck Race
Realtor Association of Fox Valley                                                            
League of Women Voters                                                                            
Former Elgin City Council Member                                                        
Second Baptist Hospitality Member
Bethesda Community Development Center Board Member             
Community Crisis Center Volunteer
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